André Geraldine - "The non-take up" as a form of resistance: Segregation, Discrimination and the Youngsters in Brussels (RHEA / VUB)


In European metropolis as Brussels, youngsters participate less and less to society and existing democratic processes, and especially the ones with a low socio-economic and/or migratory background. In our presentation, we will try to analyse the processes which lead youngsters in the so-called “Croissant pauvre”, a disadvantaged area which concentrates several difficulties in Brussels, to turn away from their social rights. In particular, we will discuss the analytical potential of Warin’s approach (2016) for studying the non-take up of the youngsters as a form of resistance to the social State, and the limits of his perspective.

André Geraldine is a Postdoctoral Researcher at IES-VUB

RHEA Research Seminars are informal gatherings in which scholars present and discuss work in progress that addresses gender issues from an intersectional perspective. The seminar features research that takes place within the Strategic Research Program ‘Gendering Ethnicity & Ethnicizing Gender in Politics & Policy’, as well as research by affiliated RHEA members or scholars just passing by.

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