Professor in Sexology and Gender Dysphoria (UGent)

Deadline: 28/02/2019

This position is situated in the department of Head and Skin (GE34) of the faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The appointment of 5% includes a teaching assignment. You perform the research and service assignment at the Ghent University Hospital, where you’re already employed as a permanent staff member.

You take teaching assignments in the domain of Sexology and Gender Dysphoria. The assignment is situated in various programs within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, including mainly the basic Medicine program and the Master after Master's program in Specialist Medicine. In addition to subject-specific assignments, you also take on more generic teaching assignments, including participation in skills education and the professional behavior education. You also supervise master’s theses within the Faculty. The assignment can evolve according to needs and changes.

You conduct research in the domain of Sexology and Gender Dysphoria that is mainly clinically oriented. You also focus on aspects of translational research and expand (new) collaborations.

You take part in the internal and external academic services of the department of Head and Skin (GE34) amongst others by translating the results of your research to the broader public. During your career, you are willing to include roles and management positions that are relevant to the department and/or faculty. You are employed as a permanent staff member at the Ghent University Hospital where you provide clinical services.

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