Ass. Prof. Learning in Engineering Sciences; gender and equality (KTH, Stockholm)

Deadline: 25/01/2019

Subject field

Learning in engineering science with specialization towards gender and gender equality. Subject description The subject is cross-disciplinary and close to practice and policy. Learning in engineering sciences encompasses prerequisites for learning and communication, educational processes together with results and effects of learning in engineering sciences. Gender research includes gender equality, both analysis of gender inequality in society and at organizational level, and change aiming at establishing equality between the sexes.


The position includes research, supervision of graduate students and education in teaching and learning in higher education with focus on gender and gender equality. The position is established within the framework of the collaboration between the Learning in STEM unit at the Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences and the Organisation and Management unit at the Department of Industrial Economics and Management. The associate professor is expected to be a driving force for the integration of gender and gender equality at KTH, and contribute to the integration of gender and gender equality in the education on learning in engineering sciences with special focus on sustainable development.

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