Call for papers - Violence against women: views without borders (Cuestiones de género: de la igualdad y la diferencia)

Deadline: 28/02/2019

Given the phenomenon of violence against women – persistent, transversal and without borders – it must be deepened in a multidisciplinary framework and by different epistemological and empirical perspectives. It is in this academic spirit of commitment that we call for articles that propose the reinforcement of good social practices and humanistic policies, as well as narratives about the concrete and the limit of the vulnerability of victims of gender violence.

Thematic lines should respect the following objectives:

  • Share investigations and results on violence against women, which deepen causes, manifestations and dimensions;
  • Reflect articulately, in a diachronic and multidisciplinary context, on the context of the phenomenon and its community expression;
  • Contribute to the consistency of legal measures, educational policies and social interventions that not only care for victims of gender violence, but also avoid this practice.

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