Voices and Choices; Intersecting Global Feminisms

Deadline: 15/07/2018

Sibéal 2018 Conference
16-17 November 2018, Belfast (UK)

In a year which marks the centenary of partial women’s suffrage, the 20 year anniversary of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement, and our historic stride towards reproductive justice across the island of Ireland ‘Voices and Choices; intersecting global feminisms’ asks how can feminist and gender studies academics explore the positions of marginalised groups in relation to representation and autonomy not only locally but globally?

This conference seeks to make space for the discussion of the local, the global, and the intersecting layers. Themes spanning from low levels of representation of women and marginalised groups in decisionmaking positions to the restriction of reproductive justice, to the many forgotten feminist Herstories, experienced in Ireland North and South and paralleled in countless localities the world over will be considered through various feminist lenses.

Taking an intersectional approach this Sibéal 2018 conference invites proposals on a range of themes pertaining to the intersections of activism, academia, and identities around the world.

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