PhD on Trans Inclusion in Education (University of Strathclyde, UK)

Deadline: 23/03/2018

The PhD will explore strategies for the development of awareness, and practices of inclusion, of trans and non-binary issues and identities in education. Despite increased research and policy attention, trans awareness in primary and secondary education remains at a preliminary stage. Likewise, alongside the continued work of trans scholars and activists, Trans Studies is largely absent from UK universities, trans invisibility prevails in curricula of most subjects, and trans inclusive pedagogies are in need of development. While there has been increased policy and research attention to LGBT educational equalities in the UK in recent years, the ‘T’ of LGBT is often subsumed within the acronym, and trans struggles are subject to sustained and virulent backlash. In order to challenge both entrenched transphobic prejudices and normative essentialising understandings of gender as binary among teachers, pupils, and in wider social context, an array of practical strategies for change are needed to help educational fields become meaningfully inclusive of trans children, students, and staff.

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