Bodies that eat, bodies that drink

Deadline: 20/01/2018

Biocultural approaches to nutrition, incorporation and commensality
Vitoria-Gasteiz, May 24th-25th 2018

- Cultures of the body that eat and drink: way of eating/drinking, positions and forms of involvement of the body during the eating/drinking processes, use of utensils, etc.
- Sensory experiences and their cultural transcriptions: epistemology of sensory analysis, cultural use, control and lecture of facial expressions of disgust/satisfaction, biocultural dynamics of taste, etc.
- Cultural, medical and psychological implications of food/drink incorporation: magic eating, placebo/nocebo, superfoods, ideal diets, aphrodisiac/anaphrodisiac foods, etc.
- Dietetics paradigms and nutritional knowledges: ancient, traditional and biomedical dietetics conceptions, popular reception of academic nutritional knowledge, etc.
- Cultural responses to the physiological consequences of food/drink incorporation: management of drunkenness and flush syndromes, aesthetic constructions of slim/fat bodies, material culture and representations of excretion, etc.
- Eating disorders, malnutrition and their social and political readings.
- Valorisation and demonization of drinks/foods within the framework of health politics: forms, effectiveness and social consequences.
- Gender approaches to forms of commensality, rituals of consumption, etc.
- Representations of the bodies that eat or drink in arts and advertising.

The call for papers (pdf)

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