About Sophia

Sophia’s primary aim is to foster research and teaching in field of gender studies in Belgium. It also wants to stimulate collaboration in this field: across disciplines and between different universities, between the Dutch- and French-speaking communities in Belgium, and between the women's movement, policy makers and the academic community.


  • In 1989, the idea of setting up a network to coordinate feminist studies in Belgium was born at the international symposium on "Concepts et réalités des études féministes" (Concepts and reality of feminist studies), organised by GRIF. A group of French- and Dutch-speaking scholars and feminist activists joined forces and created the bilingual Sophia network.

General Objectives

  • promoting, developing and fostering gender research and education in Belgium
  • institutionalizing gender studies within research and educational programmes in Belgian universities
  • bringing the value of gender studies to the attention of all scientific disciplines
  • demonstrating the importance of gender studies for developing effective equality policies

Target audiences

  • individuals working in academia: researchers, lecturers, PhD students... who are interested in gender studies, feminism, equality and/or diversity
  • individuals engaged in political, social or cultural organisations who are interested in gender studies, feminism, equality and/or diversity



  • present the state of the art of gender studies in Belgium by offering researchers
  • from a variety of disciplines, institutions and traditions to present and discuss their work
  • aim to raise the visibility of research in gender studies with the academic community and society at large

Lectures and debates

  • focus on 'new' or controversial themes and debates in Belgian gender research
  • offer a space where researchers, students, activists, etc. can meet

Various projects

  • Collaborations with the art world, feminist organisations, civil society and universities
  • Feasibility study for a Master in Gender Studies


  • provides subscribers the latest information on gender studies in Belgium and abroad: publications, call for papers, training seminars, job offers, summer schools, conferences...


  • provides information on the past, present and future of gender studies in Belgium on the bulletin board and in the agenda
  • offers an online library with publications, podcasts, videos and more
  • features a gender studies guide which you can you use to find researchers, courses and/or research centres specialised in gender studies in Belgium

Organisational structure

Sophia is

Sophia is made by

  • The Presidents: Lisa Wouters and Sarah Sepulchre
  • Two Coordinators: Vera Cortese and Catherine Wallemacq
  • An Executive Board: Annalissa Casini, Katrien De Graeve, Elke D'hoker, Els Flour, Nathalie Grandjean, Maryam Kolly, Stéphanie Loriaux, Petra Meier, Charlotte Pezeril, Anna Safuta, Kaat Wils and Lisa Wouters
  • A General Assembly: the Board + Jean-Didier Bergilez, Diane Bernard, Karen Celis, Sandrine Debunne, Ada Garcia, Anke Gilleir, Catherine Jacques, Chia Longman, Claudine Marissal, Bérengère Marques-Pereira, Laurence Mundschau, Nadine Plateau, David Paternotte, Sarah Scheepers, Anya Topolski and Elisa Veronesi
  • The Honorary Members: Laurence Broze, Annemie Pernot, Micheline Scheys and Mieke Van Nuland
  • The Supporting Members: Laurence Broze, Lydia Deveen, Nicole Dewandre, Els Flour, Petra Foubert, Maryam Kolly, Sarah Scheepers, Jolien Voorspoels and Alison Woodward

Become a Sophia member and support gender studies in Belgium! Wire the membership fee of 20 euros (10 euros for students, job seekers and lower incomes) to BE81-0682-1051-8824 - BIC: GKCCBEBB. Don't forget to mention 'membership fee for year' + e-mail address in your communication.

Questions? Suggestions? Remarks? Please feel free to contact us: info@sophia.be - 02 229 38 69 - Amazone, Middaglijnstraat 10 rue du Méridien, 1210 Brussels

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