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2017 - Unruly Bodies. Gender \ Norms \ Resistance (Special Issue in DiGeSt)

Ce numéro spécial de DiGeSt. Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies  fait suite au colloque Unruly Bodies qui s'est déroulé au KVS et à Amazone en 2015. Il est édité par Sarah Bracke, Lith Lefranc et Anaïs Van Ertvelde.

Table de matière: 

  • Editorial. Unruly Bodies: Struggles with Normativity, Autonomy, and Materiality 
    Sarah Bracke, Lith Lefranc, and Anaïs Van Ertvelde
  • “So I Made this Click Not to Look at a Guy that Way Ever Again”: About Desexualisation, Disownment, and Rethinking the Possibilities of a Young Woman(’s Body) 
    Inge Blockmans, Geert Van Hove, and Paul Enzlin
  • Normalising What? About a GMO Body and Shan’s Life 
    Nathalie Grandjean
  • Fat Activists’ Strategies on Stage: Redefining Fat Identity. A Comparison of Scottee, Brenda Oelbaum, and Sins Invalid 
    Camille Ronti
  • Biopower Is the New Black, Again. Queer Bodies “Beyond Bars” 
    Antonia Anna Ferrante
  • Unruly Booklets: Resisting Body Norms with Zines 
    Nina Nijsten

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