Fellowship Gender in Psychology (Radboud University, NL)

Deadline: 01/09/2018


We are looking for an international Psychology scholar to nominate for a two year fellowship at Radboud University in the Netherlands: the Radboud Excellence Fellowship. We are interested in candidates with a disciplinary background in Psychology, who focus on social structures of gender and its intersecting categories. You work on gaining a better understanding of gender's significance for psychological processes: social science theories that link the individual and social levels of analysis; constructs (such as identity) that bridge the social and individual levels; and conceptual tools generated in feminist theory, especially intersectionality. The ideal candidate also has a keen interest in teaching. Furthermore, the candidate needs to have completed their doctoral research between 2 and 8 years ago.

Who can apply 
Applicants must strictly meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be a promising researchers who has completed their doctorate between two and eight years at the point of nomination;
  • Be non-Dutch and based outside of the Netherlands;
  • Have a background in Psychology, with a main focus on Gender & Diversity research;
  • Experience with, or willingness to teach BA and MA courses;
  • Have an excellent command of English (proven).

More information: http://www.ru.nl/genderstudies/gender-and-diversity-0/vacatures-0/vacatures/fellowship-gender-psychology/

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